About Me

Photograph in Blog Header is from a social calling card that dates to Nauvoo.

I'm Dottie Grimes, Retired Administrator of Emery County Archives. I moved to Emery County in 1975, so I'm considered a new comer, but I have deep roots in Emery County. My mother Samuella (Sammy) Rowley was born in Huntington. Her father and mother Samuel James and Margaret (Maggie) Ellen Black Rowley lived in Huntington most of their lives.

And both sets of their parents--my great grandparents--William Morley and Amy Jane Washburn Black (Maggie's parents) and Samuel and Ann Taylor Rowley (Sam's parents) all lived in Huntington.

My great grandfather Samuel Rowley immigrated from England to Utah with his mother Ann Jewell Rowley and the rest of her children as part of the Willey Handcart Company. In her later life, after her husband died in Parowan, Ann Jewell Rowley Jones, moved to Huntington to live with her sons and died in Huntington. She is buried in the Huntington Cemetery.

I'm proud of my deep roots in this desert clay, and like all of you who visit this website, I love the history of Castle Valley! Besides the Archives, I am on the Emery County Preservation Commission,  Preserving history is not only important, it's great fun!

Emery County Archives works with the public. An Archives can only hold what is given to it to preserve, so we ask all of you to share your histories, legends, photographs, documents, textiles, memorabilia, or whatever you have that pertains to history so we can record it and have it for others to learn from as well!

Everything we have is available to be researched and copied. Contact Emery County Archives  by emailing emerycountyhistory@gmail.com.