Mission Statement:  
Preserving the Past and Making it Accessible to the Public for the Present and the Future

Swinging Footbridge over Ferron Creek (Phillip Nelson Collection)
Emery County Archives is dedicated obtaining and preserving donations of  family, organization, and agency documents and artifacts. In this aspect, the Archives will be a major resource for research and documentation of the history, life, and culture of the people of the Castle Valley region.

The Archives is open to the public Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from Noon until 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 435-381-2671.

Dottie Grimes is the Archives Administrator, and the administrator of this Emery County Archives Blog. If you need research information or would like to make a donation of historic items to the Archives, at any other time, you may contact Dixie Swasey in the Emery County Recorder's Office. Or post your questions and comments here on this blog.

We assist the public in finding historic information on almost all aspects of this county including personal histories, oral histories, mine disasters, ranching, schools, mills, Manti Forest, outlaws, changes in the landscape, effects of World War II in our area, etc. (See "Collections" and "Research Information.") Copies are 25 cents each.

Everything in the Archives is there for public access for research and education. If you have documents or photographs that you can't part with but realize they should be shared, we will scan them and return them to you with a deed of gift saying they can be viewed or copied by other people.

We use archival procedures and products to preserve every item. Each item is assigned an accession number with a description of the item(s) donated. The donor is given credit on every item donated.