Emery County Historical Society

1921 Celebration of completion of the road from Orangeville to Ephraim. People from both sides met on top of the mountain

EMERY COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY is a group of people who enjoy learning about history. Some members are historians, some are history buffs, and some are history challenged. But together we are just a friendly group of fellow citizens of an area that filled with an extraordinary history! Anyone is invited to attend our meetings. If you want to join the Historical Society and receive reminders of all of our activities and meetings, it is only $5.00 a year!

We meet once a month for a public meeting where we listen to someone present an aspect of history--usually of our area. Refreshments are always served.

In the Spring and Summer months we go on treks to explore and learn about this county with a hands-on experience. On these occasions we either bring pot luck to go with the hot dogs provided by the Archives, or we bring our own sack lunch.  We always have a great time, no matter what the plan for the month is.

Become a "FRIEND" to  The Emery County Historical Society Facebook  and learn from the trivia questions and information posted by Lori Ann Larsen, Secretary for the ECHS.