Personal Histories--(Work In Progress)
Emery County Archives has a large collection of Personal Histories of people who have lived in Emery County or had some affect on Emery County. While we have hundreds of histories that can be accessed by the public, we actually need thousands. We have so many that are missing. We count on you, the public to donate the histories of your family members to the Archives. Thank You to those who have done so. Here is a list. It is probably not a complete list, however. Names with an astrik* indicate they are oral histories recorded by Emery High School Students

Accord, Valentine Louis
Acord, Art (Silent Movie Star)
Addley, Lorean Warren
Aikens, Sam
Albrechtsen, Udell
Albrechtsen, Rasmus Skipper
Allen, Horave
Allred, James
Allen, JoDawn* 
Allen, Orval

Allred, Velma Childs
Allred, Vonal
Allred, Winnie Maud Litster

Allred, Wiley Payne
Allridge, Charles, Fred 
Allridge, Charles Raymond
Allridge, Pearl Larsen
Anderson, Elmo 
Anderson, Ervin Andrew
Anderson, Fredrick
Anderson, Fredrick, Jr.
Anderson, Jesston
Anderson, Merleen Pilling
Andersen, O.J.
Anderson, Chloe Truman 
Anderson, Robert and Olene
Arnason, Autna J.
Asay, Amos and Chloe
Asay, Aaron
Asay, Edwin 
Asay, Eleazer
Asay, Grover
Asay, Nancy Jane Meeks 
Asay, Isaac
Asay, Jerome 
Asay, Joseph, Jr.
Asay, Theodore Palmer
Asay, Lyle and Jim
Asay, Neal
Asay, William P.
Axelson, Adolph
Axelson, Annie Irene
Axelson, Mary Angeline Larsen
Axelson, Sheldon
Bagley, Emanuel
Bagley, Steven Scott*
Bailey Family History

Bailey, Ann Smith

Bailey, Elizabeth Young
Bailey, George Brown

Baird, Nancy
Baker, Pearl Biddlecome
Baletka, John Everett*
Biddlecome, Rachel-drowning in Ferron Creek
Billingham, Howard Craig*
Black, Leila Bunderson 
Black, Susan Julia Sherman
Black, Isaac Edwin

Black, William Morely
Black, William Young
Blanchard, Maria Powell and Warren Blain
Bowden, Heide*
Box, Erma Christiansen*
Brandon, Jessie Lebell*
Bradley, Reiner*
Brasher, John Leasil
Brasher, Zola* 
Branson, William (Bill)
Brady, William Wells
Branch, Bertha Collard
Brasher, Ruben Mark and Zola Jensen
Brinkerhoff, Harvey
Brinkerhoff, Richard Noel*
Brinkerhoff, Dian Lynn*
Brinkerhoff, Sally

Briggs, Linda Martha

Brotherson, Fredrika Jensen
Brown, Leonard

Brown, Mary Ann R. 
Brooks, William
Browning, Ira R.
Bunderson, Mark
Bunderson, Perry
Bunderson, Hessie May Lee and Leroy (Roy)
Burgess, William, Jr.
Callahan, Arlene Jeffs Grant
Candelaria, Nancy Rita*
Cek, Geraldine Margaret*
Chaffin, Art and  Plosser, Joe
Chaffin, Arthur
Chase Almira Higgins

Chase, John Darwin
Cheshire, Elizabeth
Childs, Adelbert Lee
Childs, Aldo
Childs Family History
Chrz, Robert*
Christiansen, Joseph
Christiansen, Joe and May
Christensen, Karma
Christensen, Christena
Christiansen, Joseph Andrew and Mary Johan
Christensen, Paul C.
Christiansen, Merlin
Christman, Mike *
Christensen, Lynda Jacobson Keele Sorens
Clement, Don*
Cline, Bill (Leo)
Colby, William Edger*
Colby, Walter Don*
Collard, Ella Elmerda Howard
Connover, Eva
Conover, Eva Westover
Conover, Clyde E. and Gill I.*
Convover, Gil and Melody* 
Conder, Tony*
Cook, Emerson*
Cooper, Donna Lynn*
Cooper, Lisa Lynn Arlene*
Copatch, Gerald*
Copatch, Maureen
Corgiat, Vonda
Cox, Elias
Cox Family
Cox, Frederick Walter
Cox, Hal M. 
Cox, Lucille Lamph
Cox, Kenneth
Cox Maria Celestia Huntsman
Cox, Mildred Johnson 
Cox, Rodney

Cox, Sylvester Hulet and Mary Ellen Parry
Cox, Valoy Anderson
Crandall, Harriet Guymon
Crandall, Hyrum Oscar
Crandall, Leon Earl
Cratsenburg, Clair Wallace*
Crawford Anthology
Crawford, B Joanne Wall
Crawford, Catherine
Crawford, Cecil S.
Crawford, Cecilia Singleton
Crawford, James 
Crawford, James E.
Crawford, John
Crawford, Margaret
Crawford, Paul
Curtis, Chad*
Curtis, Danny*
Curtis, Erastus (genealogy sheets) 
Curtis, Sandra*
Dale, Joseph V.*
Daniels, Judy*
Davis, Edmund Weeks
Davis, Florence Mae Oakden McMullin

Davis, Larry Wayne*
Davis, Shauna Kaye*
Deen, Almeda Gurtrude*
Dickson, Alfred Dustin
Dixon, Kittie Evaline Pritchitt
Dodge, Enoch Ephraim
Dooley, Vera*
Dorman, J. Eldon, Dr.
Drummond, John
Duncan, Mervin*
Duncan, Mervin
Dunlap, Lewis*
Dunn, Karen K.*
Durand, Louis and Louise
Duzette, Vera