Cleveland Elementary and Davis Hall which was used for plays, roller skating and other recreation.

Emery County Archives has many more photograph collections. Look for more in the future. This is a time consuming project, but we are working on it!  
The underlined link below "Emery County Archives Photographs" will take you to our digitized collection. You may click on any of the photos to have them enlarged. Most of the photographs are in very low resolution. I you want a larger copy of a photograph, please contact Emery County Archives.

Emery County Archives digitized photographs through a generous grant from Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board --USHRAB. We were able to work with Southern Utah University Sherratt Library Special Digital Collections to scan, digitize, and post some historical photographs online. SUU was our host which then linked to Mountain West Digitial Library. There are 684 historic photographs of Emery County on these websites. They can be seen on either website--see the links below: (both sites have the same pictures, arranged differently)

Emery County Archives Photographs -- Mountain West Digital Library

Emery County Archives Photographs --  SUU Sherratt Library Digital Collections

These websites contains:
  • The Elmo Geary Collection--Elmo Geary (whom the Geary Theater at CEU is named for) started the Drama Department at the College of Eastern Utah. His master's thesis was on the history of drama in Emery County from the 1800s. This collection includes his unique photographs from his thesis as well as his personal photograph albums. Since he talks about the dramatics in all of Emery County towns, you may find your family members among these priceless photographic records.

  • The San Rafael Swell history including, Uranium Prospecting; the Civilian Conservation Corp.; The Swaseys; United States Geographical Survey photographs from 1911 to the 1930's; the M.K. Tunnels (or Government Tunnel Project); and Recreation.
  •  Historic Buildings -- from various collections
  • Addie and Drew Richards Collection --photograph albums containing family, events, buildings, etc.

  • Adeline Wakefield Collection--photograph albums containing family, events, buildings, etc.
  • Venis and Dermis Jensen Collection-- photograph albums containing family, events, buildings, etc.
  • Building Joe's Valley--collected by Zora Fielder

Other links for photographs of our area: 
Western Railroad and Mining Museum in Helper, UT

Carbon County UT Gen Web    This website has pictures, histories of towns and ghost towns, personal histories, names of Japanese people who worked at the mines in Carbon County and Mohrland, and lots of other information. 

To See Photos click on the links above.