Thursday, October 21, 2010

Emery County Archives Open House October 28-29, 2010

The brand new Emery County Courthouse in 1940 on Main Street in Castle Dale. It is now known as The Old Courthouse since the Courthouse, County Attorney's Office and Sheriff's Department moved to their new location.
Emery County Archives is having an Open House on Thursday and Friday October 28th-29th from 12:00 noon to 5:00 PM. We will have refreshments and displays to show what collections we have, in hopes that we will generate more collections! The Archives is located upstairs of the Old Courthouse on Main Street in Castle Dale.

Come see pieces of history such as a prom dress and well worn shoes from the Depression--the shoes illustrate how difficult times were;  an Icelandic sweater knitted and worn by one of the Icelanders who settled in Cleveland; a missionary suitcase filled with books and pamphlets and journals of a mission to Denmark in 1913; a stereoscope with dozens of 3-D cards open to the public for viewing; old Emery County Bank display with a section of the teller cage; Shawn Bradley's professional basket ball jerseys; Emery County Progress books of newspapers from 1900; Articles of Incorporation of canal companies, churches, clubs, etc.; And much, much more! We will have the microfilm reader set up ready to search through town, school, or cemetery records and a laptop scrolling through the hundreds of photographs housed in the Archives. 

Images of America: The San Rafael Swell  by Dottie Grimes and the Historical Society will be on sale for $15.00  Emery County History by Edward Geary will be on sale for $10.00. Cowboy Poetry from the San Rafael books for $5.00. Castle Valley: Our Towns, Our Deserts, Our Mountains  booklet for $3.00

Come take a tour of the Emery County Archives with files drawers filled with historic information, personal histories, and boxes filled with  documented historic collections donated by residents (and non residents) of Emery County, and a library filled with old books and newspapers.

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